We are a small kennel located in Surakarta (a.k.a. Solo), Central Java, Indonesia, whose mission is to preserve and promote the bloodline of the oldest arctic canine breed, the Alaskan Malamute. This largest of recognised sled dog with toned muscles and big bones adapts very well with the tropical climate of our country provided with cool enough air-conditioned shelter. Our love and passion have been guiding our ways of caring, breeding and training our dogs.

Alaskan Malamute is well known for being able to pull heavy weights over long distances. In general, they are also very good as a pet as they are very calm and get easily attached to people as well as to children.

Many thanks to Anthonie and Rita of StormChaser Kennels, who have given their trust to us for caring one of their best male puppies, Stormchaser I Am Legend, the grandson of Ch.Wind's Fury Jacob Trailblazer who won B.O.B. at the most prestigious show in the USA, the Westminster Dog Show, in 2008.

We like making friends, sharing and exchanging knowledge with Alaskan Malamute lovers around the world, so we welcome you to send any comments and/or questions through Contact Us page; or add us to your Facebook friend list (adakirik@yahoo.com).

Thank you for visiting us and enjoy!

News Update
Friday, 27 Dec 2013

Three handsome boys and three pretty girls were born on November 5th, 2013 from the breeding of Adakirik The Humble Turbulence with Am Ch Storm Kloud's New Grand Teton. We are very happy they are l ...

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